Virgin Territory

Oh no!  She didn’t!  Did she just type Virgin in the title spot and think no one would notice or think something instantly?  Yup, I did!  I will continue to do so and push the envelope as long as I draw breath if it helps me to better understand this world and my reaction to it.

Doesn’t she know that a 37 year old mom of 2 and a would-be seminary graduate cannot talk like that or people will judge her accordingly.  Well, if you are more willing to judge me on my choice of title then I would love to hear more from you.

I have 2 little people that rule my world, one is 7 and is diagnosed with  ADD, as well as being dubbed highly gifted, there may be some other “schtuff” at play but as yet we are mum on the word.  His brother is 4 and is just as intelligent as he is, but has yet to be diagnosed with anything at this time.  I will write often about what it looks like to navigate this and what it does to the household, the marriage, the psyche’ of all involved, and career in ministry and education.

I am a painter with words, a curator of story, which means….I make pretty pictures with words.  Sometimes I hit a homer, sometimes I strike out without a single batter on base.  I will depend on you to tell me when my crap stinks.  To you I promise truth and transparency.  I will not BS you and I hope you hold me to the same standard.    I will write the truth, even when it is not so pretty to behold.

With all that said, I embark on my virgin voyage this Thanksgiving eve.  My husband and child are playing rabbit hunt on the Wii–Raving Rabbids while my other son contemplates his next game as he stands in the middle of the livingroom, naked and dripping from his latest bath.

Ahhhh, it begins.


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