What Ails

Pill upon bitter pill

tumble amidst

tne another.

Take this, not that-

make sure you take this

wiith food.

This will surely be the remedy

for that which ails

you today.

“I have the answer” as they scrawl

their name


“Listen, wait! You don’t understand!

these are only the symptoms

I have.”

“I said, take these every four hours

to relieve that which

ails you”

The pain? Relieve the pain?

but it’s telling me

something bigger

If you ask me to mask it, hide it, treat the

symptoms only, the problem


Speak to me, share my journey,

hear my story

see me

A placebo won’t alleviate the deep

yearning we each have

to connect.

Hurt beats on hurt, apathy throws up

its weary hands


The Way is light, the Truth is

we all need

one another.

cindy a heidelberger 15 november 11 1:40pm


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