What is thanks?

It is mid morning on Thanksgiving and I have checked my email and my facebook and seen all the posts of people giving thanks for various incidents, people, or situations in their life.  I am among those that are thankful, but it still has me thinking.  Why are we thankful?

Are we because someone carved out a holiday that mandates that we set aside time to spend with family and friends?  If we did not have this day mashed in the middle of fall and winter, would we take the time to say to one another what we think and how we feel?  Do we take the time to break bread together and share the impact we have made on each other’s lives?  I know that I do a poor job of this.

I instruct my children when they have received something to say “thank you”, but am I telling them to do that because it is the polite response or because I look to foster gratitude in them.  If it is from a gratitude standpoint, then I have done an even more poor job at that.  As each commercial infiltrates my screen and the ads pour into my home, they screech “I want that!  I need to have one of those!”  I want to scream that “No, you don’t!  You already have far more than many around the world, and yet you want more!”

They mirror what they see, and they see us wanting more.  I wonder what we truly want–what need are we trying to satisfy–for what do we yearn?  I confess that I tussle with these questions constantly and try in vain to answer them effectively.  I have found no easy answer.

I am most thankful for what I have.  I have 2 little boys and a home that keeps me warm and protected from the elements.  Someone older than I chose to keep me around as his forever companion, something I never thought would happen. 😉   I have access to education, books, literature, and moments to continue learning and self differentiating.  I am thankful for the influence of my parents, they taught me many lessons, some of which I emulate–others I look to adapt for my own life and family.  I have friends that are as dear, if not more so, than family.  Friends that have chosen to be on the journey with me and that is pretty important…when I think of people choosing to hang with me in spite of all my “me-ness” I am left humbled.  They speak to what and who I am without reserve, without fear of condemnation, and out of love.  There is no better gift to receive true friendship that transcends the surface…

What was I talking about?  Not completely sure, but I smell the wonderful scent of……coffee brewing and I need me some caffeine.  There is no turkey in this house, no mashed potatoes, fresh bread or pie….what remains is….truth.




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  1. amysmuddledmusings
    Nov 25, 2011 @ 01:46:57


    So glad you are embarking on a blog. Look forward to hearing what’s on your mind. For me, it’s been a good because it forces me to try to make some sense of the stuff that would otherwise clog my brain and make me mentally sick. I would love to hear you talk about some of your coursework.

    Now on the topic at hand, I think no matter the motive, the end result of Thanksgiving is good; it forces us to stop and think about everything we have instead of ruminating about everything we want. Thanks Cindy! – Amy


    • cindythea
      Nov 27, 2011 @ 23:22:06

      Thanks so much, I appreciate that. I also appreciate the fact that you read and responded to mine. I tend to ramble and ramble and ramble….I will get some information on here about my coursework soon. I am currently reading Dakota by Kathleen Norris for my Spiritual Direction class. It is shaping even more a new outlook on poverty and what I think I need to have in my life.
      I shall keep writing…maybe someone is reading…maybe no one is. Alas, it is something i Must do.


      • hannah
        Nov 28, 2011 @ 17:54:26

        I am reading. I feel like with a lot of your words, I am, as Mary, pondering all thesethe things in my heart. I guess it is hard to show you are just holding and listening via blog, but I think that is my most honest response.



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