A snippet of Chp 1

Physically I was a small child; records show that I was also a sick child, with a tendency for bad stomachs and not keeping food down.  As a result, by the time I was six months old I had not gained much weight and it appeared I was anemic.  Research shows that for premature babies, the catch up rate for growth can be well past twelve years for some systems and organs.  If that is true, then some of the early difficulty I had in comprehension and agility was simply my body trying its hardest to catch up with the other systems.  The lack of coordination, walking on tiptoes, clumsy young toddler that I was could have been trying my hardest to make sense out of what was foreign.  To be honest, I still do not cut with any great precision, and I have given up caring.

What I do understand now is the inner workings of the human body.  It takes concentrated time and effort to create such delicate and intricate pieces of art.  The more I watch my own children, the more I understand that this work, premature or not, could not have happened by accident or mere coincidence.  The timetable may look different in every case, but the beauty of the inner soul and spirit contained in human flesh is a mystery I will never fully understand.  This realization has been long in coming, thirty-seven years and two children long, in fact.


The above couple of paragraphs are from Chp 1 of my writing…thoughts, questions, comments? Leave it as you wish–or not.

Shalom indeed,



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