I cannot tell you what my early home life was like.  I know few specifics and those that I do know are not the most pleasant.  It seems that multiple generations lived in my home and the family connections were not the strongest.  State adoption records shed some light on a few specifics.  The department of social services mentioned involvement with my biological family dating back two years before my birth and that a sister had also had a baby and placed it up for adoption just before my birth.  When I look at the black and white facts surrounding my early days I feel conflicted.  On one hand I see in print the back and forth condition to which I was subjected.  Direct record documentation states, “Her mother had her for fourteen days and then requested that we place her in foster care.  She remained in foster care for twenty-five days, four days of which were spent in the hospital as a result of severe diarrhea.  She was then returned home to her natural mother who then placed her back in foster care ten days later after failing to assume the responsibilities of her child.  She remained in foster care for two months when her mother requested her return for the third time.  After caring for the child for twenty-four hours, the natural mother asked that we take permanent custody of the child.”  By February 1975 all parental rights of my natural mother and all alleged fathers was terminated.

This is only a hiccup of chapter 2….i am purposely not posting in any order, but taking a paragraph here and there in an effort to elicit some response.  Feeling weird as I have received no response….not sure if I keep writing or bag it since there are no comments….dunno.  Then again, a writer must write, so maybe I do not publish any more paragraphs…maybe no one is interested….who knows?




4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Esther
    Dec 29, 2011 @ 18:11:12

    just read your post here. Is this a story you are writing or is it your life story?


    • cindythea
      Dec 29, 2011 @ 18:16:47

      This is indeed my life story….I have much more that I will reveal in the time to come. I am taking paragraphs from the chapters I have finished. Title: “A Willing Submission” There are things within this story there is no way I could make up, so I am being as truthful and non-condemning to speak of the healing and redemption I have received. Your thoughts?


      • Esther
        Dec 29, 2011 @ 18:31:16

        I think working through your thoughts is always good. Some of us like to journal our travels into blogs. The most important thing is does it help you heal? does it help someone else know they are not alone? I think the answer to both those things are YES for you! So keep blogging even if no one sees or notices that you think sees. You don’t know who you are touching with your writing.

  2. hannah
    Dec 30, 2011 @ 07:55:25

    What could one say in light of these facts? Do you want comments on the content? Delivery? Style? The writing is sharp and well executed, and it is that combined with content that moves me to silence. Keep writing, post here if you like, you are not writing for this audience but for obedience sake


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