Freeze Frame

Not a flake of snow on the ground, nothing.  Nary a wind kissing the treetops, nothing. Snippets of people biking or walking by, dog screaming her comments, is this really January in the Midwest?

Hard to believe what I am seeing out my house window.  I hear birds singing, fat, FAT squirrels hardly able to scamper across the road (who’s going GIECO now?), kids digging out their bikes, and parents placing laundry on the line.  It feels rather surreal, like i am really not here watching this and it is really not taking place…..anyone ever feel like that?

If my dog were not piercing the sound barrier with her bark I would swear this was all the figment of a dream….but it’s not.  There is something oddly welcoming  and peaceful in this unexpected sight.  Part of me wants to understand it, figure out what it causing it and thus master it in order to replicate it.  That is the human and Western tendency, is it not?  Part of me thinks, wow, if I could bottle this phenomena, market it well, I could be a millionaire!    Yah, part of me thinks that, and I sure that there are others out there thinking the same thought.

The other part of me, the more smooshy side that deals in wonder and expectation and symbols wonders if we are to simply receive?  Maybe this is not one for figuring out or replicating, or anticipating when our big punishment of snow will happen.  Maybe this is a chance to Freeze the Frame and simply bask in it.  A gift becomes a true gift when well received, whether expected or not. that is what makes it a gift.  If we can combine that thought with the PRESENT, we are gifted NOW, right here in this moment.  How are we present in that?  How am I present in this moment and do I view it as a gift?  I am entertaining ways to do just that.

In that thought, I am going to close a blog post I would normally have written much more on, to take some quiet moments listening to what the birds and the crunch of the gravel on the street have to tell me.




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