No THANK you!

Dansk: Rosenkål English: Brussel sprouts

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Yesterday I posted some of my favorite things….( you know you are still singing….)  Today I will post some of my non-faves  FAVRE included.

In no particular order.

Any person in singlets, something about it seems quite unnatural.

Being cold, much easier to put on clothes than to remove.

Apathy!!!!! I cannot stand this, at least care enough to hate whatever it is….apathy is so lame.

The Muh na Muh na song from the Muppets.  My brothers terrorized me with this as a child and I have never really recovered.

Liver, brussel sprouts, and water chestnuts.  1) Gross 2) the Look, hello. 3) I do not want something that squeaks when I eat it.

Polka Music…sorry mom, I know this is a throw back to the Polka Capital of the World in MN, but I just can’t get into it.

The Chicken Dance…sorry Rev. Cluck I will have to sit that one out.

Fake anything ‘nuf said

Harsh, cruel, inhumane treatment of any animal at any time.  There is no reason to exact cruelty because we can.


Any team that is not the Green Bay Packers

Crumbs in my bed sheets…terribly annoying in the middle of the night and they feel like the pea in the princess’ bed.

The sound my contact makes when it’s fused to my eye after too many nights sleeping in them.

Discrimination and prejudice.  I have no tolerance for purposeful ignorance

Ear wax.

Soggy cereal

The “wait I’m hungry again” feeling after I have eaten Chinese or Hu Hot–both of which I love!

Me, or anyone else not living up to their potential

Putting Baby in the corner

Cowardice  ( scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz is exempt)

I think that is enough for now, lest I be labeled less than optimistic and hopeful. It is Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. day and that leaves me contemplative as I ponder what kind of wife, mother, daughter, sister, writer, friend, and human I want to be.  In the end….it all starts with love.

Shalom to you,







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