Things that make me go HHHMMMMM!!!!

There are just some items and concepts out there that leave me scratching my head in confusion, irritation, frustration, or curiosity.  I offer them here, because my brain is too shot for in-depth conversation this evening.  Enjoy.


How many licks it actually takes to get to the center of a tootsie roll toostie pop.


Why stores that are open 24/7 have locks on their doors.

Why are churches locked?  Who are we keeping in, and who do we not want entering?

The Snuggie

Political fear mongering

War and Peace-the full volume…and why I read it

Why people believe the Social Contract is a value and not an entity

The definition of normal

Molds–in whatever form

Lady Gaga’s motivation.  Who is she really?

Is Michael Jackson really deceased or frozen cryogenically

Real leadership

The necessity of New Coke

The purpose of thong underwear.  C’mon they are not comfortable, and no one could look good in them.

Apathy…in a time of such change and possibility, how some can sit by complacently is beyond my comprehension

Hatred and racism…have we really not grown up and moved beyond this?

the Spork.  Which is it?

The squeak of water chestnuts  ( scares the goobers out of me)

The numbers of cooties it seems that all boys and girls carry in elementary school.  Where do the cooties go after elementary school?

The big wig interactive map that CNN whips out at every election

Drama for Drama’s sake.

Ignorance for ignorance sake and its repercussions

Please feel free to add to this list or challenge any of my own.  My brain is telling me it is time to quit.  Adieu.

Shalom dear ones,




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