Holy Moments

There was such movement and energy present in an interaction today.  I encountered a woman today in her human holiness.  I was privileged to talk with this woman and to see before me a physical representation of why faith is so important to me.

What began as a typical lunch ordering and desire for a cold Diet Coke gave way to good-natured ribbing and conversation and we exchanged humourous sarcasm with my colleague.  A thin and powerhouse waitress,  she revealed bits and pieces within her conversation that made me think.  It made me wonder what was underneath the sarcasm and the bravado.

I showed her a picture of one of my boys, cause that is what parents and grandparents do.  They brag on their kids and show anyone they can the latest pics.  She talked about her child, a gorgeous 3 1/2 year old.  She will spend some time in and in depth PTSD program.  She wants to move on from a past that has brought her such pain.  With tears brimming in her eyes she talked candidly about her first husband and losing him in the midst of the Iraq War.  More conversation revealed a second husband who was abusive to her.   Out from the clutches of this marriage, and her daughter safe, she wants her life on more solid ground. 

She mentioned that she stood in the middle of a Christian book store the other day, wondering what Bible study would best direct her path.  She said she stood there completely confused and at her wit’s end.  “Someone told me Beth Moore?”  I told her that would be a great choice, but more than that is being ok with the identity that she has already been given.  Aside from the work, the parenting, being a widow, and wanting to put a painful past behind her…she simply wants to experience the love of just being.

I heard her heart, I saw the struggle, the raw pain….and it spoke to me.  As she continued to bustle and bring soup for my colleagues pile of crackers….I had to speak.  “When you return, can you spare a moment for a prayer?”  She came, she sat down, we entered into a more holy moment with this young woman, whose bday was recently.  I saw this beautiful and courageous woman….I saw reality.  What an honor.  I told her how courageous I thought she was in tackling those hurtful obstacles.  What a warrior.

I often think of that when the moment lends itself to sharing of our stories with one another.  Those are precious and holy moments….and they don’t come around every day.  Scratch that, I think they happen all the time, and we miss them.  I think sometimes they are staring us in the face and we neglect to see them for what they are, fail to respond the what our gut tells us to do.  I am guilty of that more times than I can count.  How often have I yearned for that from someone. As I reflect on this today, I can’t help but think that some of the reason that I have not had that in my life is because I refused to notice it, or I threw the gift back.  What a lesson to learn.

At the end of the day, even though the chance was there to be present for another, she spoke to me.  I am not done thinking about today and its impact on me.  As I tackle my own issues of identity, she called me to reflect on humility and realness.  Thank you, thank you, thank you for the chance to see up close-humanity.  My colleague mentioned that many would not see or sense what happened today.  If they did see it, fear would cripple many from acting.   I told them that is where I live and what I understand every day.  The beauty of raw life and the ever-present grace that is not earned, but simply accepted.

Simply accepted…that is my soul cry for each of us tonight.  To be simply accepted and to simply accept it when we are.

Shalom and Shalom,



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  1. http://composerofwords.wordpress.com/
    Feb 27, 2012 @ 20:52:52

    “They happen all the time and we miss them.”


    So true!


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