No Day REvisited

Revisiting the RENT lyrics I spoke of a couple of weeks ago I sit in my quiet livingroom (for once) and aimlessly watch FRIENDS.  By the way, Bruce Willis is one of those men that age soooooo well.  WOW!  Richard Gere, Bruce Willis, and Johnny Depp.


     “There’s only us.  There’s only this.”

This screams of community to me and in light of the social, political, and educational climate, I’d say that this is something that deserves some contemplation.  True, the lyrics are sung from one individual to another, but there is no “I” in this statement…it is not solitary…it is unified.  I think there is something to that.  I think we were made to be “in it” with one another.

It isn’t just me on this path, the decisions I make do not just affect me, there are others in the mix.  I know sometimes I forget that, I become focused on one road, one concept…one idea and neglect to realize that there are ramifications to the other people in my life.  Then again, sometimes I focus too much on what I think others would want and expect and end up not doing what I want because I am too busy trying to be everything to everybody.  That is so dang exhausting.  Now that the dust from education time is starting to settle I have a bit more time on my hands, but I have discovered I have forgotten how to do certain things…or maybe I never really learned how to do them.

I forgot to ask…for anything.  I forgot to distinguish my roles, not to wrap my identity in others, jobs, accomplishments, grades, papers, family, and others’ desires.  I forgot to breathe….I think I may have missed that from day 1.

Rather than dwell on that, I embrace some of the words I heard at a training I participated in yesterday

There’s only this…only here, only now, only this moment and nothing is more important…figuring out what that means may be one of the most intriguing things I encounter…not on my own. 

will contemplate later.




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