WHAT in the WORLD?

Writing bug has bitten….that and I am in too much pain neck and shoulder wise to do much physically.

I have watched the news posts as of late and listened as my youngest child ventured out of the house to school for the first time….a whole new world opens to him….one from which I cannot protect him.  One which I do not necessarily understand, one which I cannot control.  I hate that.  I have to let go and believe that I have done the best to prepare both of my children for a world which I have never seen, experienced, and on some level am afraid.  Some of the things make my blood run cold, others piss me off, and others baffle me beyond what I can express……  A few are listed

1)  a single petabyte stores 1 quadrillion bytes of information….there are computers out there that can store 12.4 quadrillion bytes and can perform those commands in 1 second….My brain cannot conceive of that.

2)  More information is accessed through WWW than any other media

3)  Kids could ruin us with one press of a text button…and most don’t care.  SAD.

4)  They would also kill each other for their XBox 360 Call of Duty.

5)  No way my classmates and I would kill each other for our Air Jordans….i didn’t even own Air Jordans….much less Guess jeans

6)  Sanctity of life is batted around like a political statement instead of a state of being…and revered no matter the age or the situation.

7)  By 2020 Mental Illness and its related impacts will replace Heart Disease as the #1 killer of Adults

8)  Ritalin is new “wonder drug” ?

9)  Labradoodles. nuf said.

10)  Deep fat fried butter, and related candy bars….harden an artery anyone?

11)  Society’s lack of understanding of community, but would cry out for help in a heartbeat if they needed it.

12)  Any cruelty to animals or humans….period.

13)  Al Gore inventing the internet?  Still stumps me.

14)  The outcry to abolish all government as it is deemed evil and despicable, but what happens when the roads need repairing?

15)  Intolerance for ignorance sake.

16)  Water chestnuts…they SQUEAK!

17)  Bacon flavored vodka.  HUH?

18)  Society celebrating a week without mass shootings by a psychopath only to have police open at least 16 rounds of ammo the next day to take down 1 person.

19)  The fact that we almost celebrated a week without mass shootings by a psychopath.

20)  Nicki Minaj.  WHOA….HELLO!

21)  Loss of community over uber self-interest

22)  The Angry Birds craze

23)  Brett Favre’s incessant need to “hang on”

24)  Blogging as a pre dominant form of communication….divinewrites notwithstanding.  (hee hee)

25) Duckbill platypus….our CREATOR has an outstanding sense of humor.

26)  I live in the Midwest, the center of Agriculture, yet my state ingests the lowest amount of fresh fruits and veggies per capita.

27)  Our inability to show our educators the true value of the time, work, sacrifice, and dedication with which they serve our children and young people every day.  PAY THEM !

28)  Absolute power corrupting absolutely.

29)  Where in the world is the other sock…why do we lose a sock every time we do the laundry?

30)  Toe jam and belly button lint.




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