Laugh it UP!

Still feel like writing, but having blown up a huge inflatable trampoline and sitting here with a Johnny Depp t-shirt on, I am inclined to be a little less–serious.  So….items that make me laugh…veritably.

1)  My pug’s snore

2)  My youngest son’s laugh…gets me every stinking time.

3)  Donkey on Shrek

4)  Bow ties on anyone

5)  Cleverly worded advertising, note it is not to be misspelled or used incorrectly in terms of grammar.

6)  Little girls in tutus.

7)  little boys in suit and tie–complete with coat.

8)  Silly String

9)  Pillow Fights.

10)  Well executed practical jokes.

11)  SNL during the 80’s

12)  Most 2 1/2-3 year olds

13)  puppies

14)  Old persons pranking the young ins

15)  Pauly Shore movies—no accounting for intelligence here

16)  Uni Brows

17)  Lederhosen

18)  Slinky

19)  Sliding my feet in the mud

20)  My sons in great and silly moods.  NOTHING BETTER!


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