Poetic moment


Alter this altar, take this burden from my shoulders.
Allow me to breathe in the peace of your spirit,
Acknowledge the crushing weight of that which I see;
that which I feel.
Alter this feeling, this jumbled mess of cobwebs that
continue to entangle me.
Cut me free from the bonds I feel, that I allow
to engulf my spirit
Alter this time, this place, this moment, I beseech thee.
Grant me strength, the assurance of your presence
Cradle my head, remind me I am yours.
Alter my thoughts, that they might fix firmly on you.
Guide my waking and sleeping moments, abate the storm that
rages within me.
Oh, Lord, my Protector,
Alter me that I might know I am yours,
Alter me, Lord, for I am yours.

cahl dec.08

Waves crash tumultuously against the rocks,


flashing, threatening to overpower.

Cursing their influence, the masses cry


begging the burden be lifted.

“Too much, too much”, the screams fly


frantic to a fever pitch.

“Release the bonds, when will we be free?


whole and wholly pleasing?”

One after another, water upon wave builds


speeding through the ravages.

Yearning and seeking and pleading,

hands groping;

clawing towards

The tether that grounds and sustains-

providing strength,

a way upward.

As sure as the stars are fixed above,

there is reason

there is rhyme.

Calm amidst the torrent of storm.

It is that that we seek,

Within that, we are pursued.

Peaceful pursuit of our deepest groans-

lovingly embraced.

cahl march 11

—-To You, My Child.

You are not on display
Nor for show.

You, my child, are my creation,
Holy and blameless.

I purchased you for a Holy price,
For your peace.

Rest not on your own laurels,
Boast of me.

There is much I want to show you,
To reveal.

You, my child, are my chosen One-
I will redeem.

I will redeem your pain, your struggle,
Your longing.

I know your heart, dear child, and you are
You are my child.

No matter the age you claim,
You are my child.

Do not despair, my little one,
My peace—

My peace throughout all the storms,
My peace will come.

Do not let go of my hand, remember
I am with you.

Peace, my child, peace to your heart,
Your soul, mind, and body.

Do not despair my child, my little one,
We are One.

cahl dec 10


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