After a Year

I usually think lists are a cop-out means of communication.  A year after I have started this blog, a few items have come to mind.

1)  Kids seem to take the front seat in almost all communications.  Goofier kids stories the better.

2)  I struggle trying to decide if being authentic is really where it’s at, or if I am safer playing more poker with my thoughts –hence the reason I have not written much lately.

3)  Who reads this anyway and what impact am I making…as a writer, of course I want to believe my words are read, but to what end?  Do the things I have to say matter to anyone out there?  Not sure, so I wrestle.

4)  Sometimes I am hit by the bug and simply must write…there is no stopping- no mandate which could eliminate the desire.  Then again, sometimes, it seems the most arduous task to even come up with a cogent thought.

5)  I find I do work things out in my head as I write, and the more I read, the better I write.  Those are good items.

6)  People are weird and fascinating creatures.

7)  I really have no idea what my goal or purpose is on this blog post.

8)  Maybe admitting that is ok.

9)  Eating cheetos while typing never a good option.

10)  Drinking Chai Tea and eating chocolate…always a good option.

11) Really, does anyone read this?

12)  What would they like me to write about?


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Rena
    Dec 02, 2012 @ 17:30:49

    Write as if no one is reading.


  2. Dawn
    Dec 02, 2012 @ 20:53:16

    OK, I don’t always have time to read everything, but I do like your writing. I can honesty say you got me to laugh out loud on the “Eating cheetos while typing never a good option” and I agree on the chocolate. There were several others like the kids one that I’d have to agree with as well. Writing is not necessarily for someone else. It is nice to know others enjoy it, but what is important is that you enjoy it. It brings you a sense of accomplishment or relief. That is what is important. The rest of us can just come along for the ride when you choose to bless us with it.


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