For the LOVE of your CASHIER

I just have to comment.  I have been in retail, grocery, or store work for most of my life.  Most of the time I do not mind the long lines, customers believing they are always right, or standing for hours in one place.  In most cases, I find it fun to talk with and greet people…I am that extroverted salesgirl!, but there are a few things that we would like you to know…things that run through our heads as you tap your foot waiting for me to ring your order……


1)  Do not tap your foot impatiently at me while I make sure I am doing my job correctly.  I do not stand over top of you while you work and breathe down your neck.

2)  Please place the change and dollar bills in my extended hand.  I do not come to your business and throw my money at you….

3)  Realize that breathing great gusts of smoke-filled and alcohol laden breath my way does not make my day.

4)  I am greeting you with a hello and thanking you as you depart, please extend the same courtesy to me.

5)  Do not assume that I know why you have come to my register.  Simply standing there throwing a 20 at me does not solve the problem…

6)  Remember that there is sales tax involved when you send kids to get treats.  I can’t count how many times we have “covered” the kiddos out of our own pockets.

7) We do a fair job of stocking shelves–if it is not on the shelves, chances are that we are out, this is not a conspiracy against you, it’s just life.

8)  When the store closes that means we are wrapping up to go home, that does not mean we stay open an extra 10 minutes so you can shop at your leisure.

9)  Dumping your garbage on my register or on the floor in front of me and then claiming, “it’s their job to clean it up.” does not a happy camper make.

10)  Complimentary is a way of thanking customers, not your opportunity to eat or drink them out of the item.

11)  Complaining bitterly about closing early or being closed for a holiday and loudly for all to hear is troubling–we all have families we would like to see.

12)  Allowing children to run in and out of the doors repeatedly while you stand in the corner talking drives everyone mad.

13)  I am giving you my full attention when I serve you, please end your cell phone call when you come my way.

14)  Blowing your nose on a tissue and then handing it to me and asking me to “be a dear” is GROSS….somehow I do not want your cold germs.

15)  The cashier line is not the place to Tweet, Facebook, Check in on Four Square, or Map your location.  nothing you are purchasing is that earth shattering.

16)  Save topics of religion, politics, education, and morality to places less public.  One never knows the other professions of the clerks or cashiers waiting on you.

17)  Use your store credit wisely.

18)  Mistakes happen, allow the people serving you to be as human as you are.

19)  We ask questions to better help you, please answer.  HELP US HElP YOU

20)  Remember we are here serving you, there are other places and things we could be doing.  Trying to make your experience the most efficient and pleasant really is a focus.


There you have it…I am sure there is a cauldron of others I could add, but this list suffices for the time being.






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