I Wish I May…

Not sure what kind of mood I am in tonight, so I will depart from usual ramblings to create an I WISH list….don’t even know what direction it will take, I just plan to write it and see where it takes me.

In no particular order….


Chocolate was declared a food group

Money grew on trees, and those trees grew in my backyard.

My children would stop destroying my house

Time did not seem to fly the older I become

We would understand the importance of family

I embraced more laughter

I could see an ocean

Wood ticks, snakes, and spiders were eliminated from existence

Fall weather and its colors lasted longer

Algebra did not elude me

Words like thong, pantyhose, panties, and jock straps were never uttered

I could hula hoop

All manner of hatred, cruelty, injustice, intolerance, and human and animal abuses would end

I were not afraid of heights, pizza cutters, or water chestnuts

My children understand the joy of sleeping in and taking naps

I did not think Freddy Krueger were not quite so funny.

Prayed more and fretted less

My children a safer and cleaner environment than the status quo

Strength was not measured in what we can accomplish on our own, but within the loving openness of community

Mullets were outlawed

I communicated truthfully without fear of retribution

Our young people loved learning for the sheer joy of adding to their knowledge base

They knew that knowledge is power

We realized we do not have to repeat cycles of dysfunction

Boys knew how to aim in the bathroom better

Said bathroom cleaned itself

I lived closer to the mountains

I had three more wishes………….


More Haiku attempts.

 shall post here and see what comes of it.   1 a day Haiku challenge has morphed to 5 a day…good for veggies, good for me!


falling deeply down

drifting listless-blanketing

hush now and listen

 15 jan 2012  cahl


Snow cont.

silent singing flakes

so soft to touch-to watch float

such a pain to plow

16 jan 2012 cahl



it grows not on trees

nor claims a pocketbook

oh missing greenback

16 jan 2012 cahl



shimmering like glass

silence begs deeper silence

reflects back true self

19 jan 2012 cahl



slashing energy

ripping pristine veils away

exposed and primal

21 jan 2012 cahl


toilet paper

rolling from top down

in white waves its softness claims

please replace when used

21 jan 2012



 squish squash sucking in

warm earth surrounds ankles-toes

uh oh- lost my shoes

24 jan 2012 cahl

Chai Tea
a dash of froth; steam
mixes amongst pungent brews
creating pure bliss

30 Jan 2012 cahl


A few of my faves (not Favre)

It has come to my attention that  I think too much and  do not embrace the moments that are happening for what they are. In an effort to alleviate this, I offer the following.  These are a few of my favorite things….go ahead, sing along.  You know the Sound of Music has you  singing…..

Dogs….their smell, licks, and the sounds they make when they snuggle.

Character Dramas–i can live vicariously through them and have a good cry.

Roller skating.  I was and am still super good at it

Watching the snow fall as I look up at it…makes me feel like I am in a snow globe.

Muffins straight out of the oven.

Fuzzy blankets and a good book.

Intellectual conversations

The packers–not Favre

Cherry Coke Zero and a good Chai tea

Prime Rib

Fall, ‘nuf said


Color, color, color….

Driving with the windows open,  music blaring, and singing at the top of my lungs

Musical theatre—except West Side Story, and South Pacific

The smell of dirt and fresh cut grass.

The sight of my children sleeping peacefully.


Writing something of which I can be proud

A Real hug and someone truly saying “I love you, my life is better because of you.”

Teaching, especially those who WANT to learn

Water…lakes, streams, the falls, I yearn to see an ocean.  I will someday.

The electricity of preaching or public speaking, or the stage in general.

Walking in the grass barefoot

Mashed potatoes.

Pens, all funky colors, and office supplies.

Authenticity and compassion.

When the world makes no sense…these do.  What makes sense to you?  Are you willing to share?



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