After a Year

I usually think lists are a cop-out means of communication.  A year after I have started this blog, a few items have come to mind.

1)  Kids seem to take the front seat in almost all communications.  Goofier kids stories the better.

2)  I struggle trying to decide if being authentic is really where it’s at, or if I am safer playing more poker with my thoughts –hence the reason I have not written much lately.

3)  Who reads this anyway and what impact am I making…as a writer, of course I want to believe my words are read, but to what end?  Do the things I have to say matter to anyone out there?  Not sure, so I wrestle.

4)  Sometimes I am hit by the bug and simply must write…there is no stopping- no mandate which could eliminate the desire.  Then again, sometimes, it seems the most arduous task to even come up with a cogent thought.

5)  I find I do work things out in my head as I write, and the more I read, the better I write.  Those are good items.

6)  People are weird and fascinating creatures.

7)  I really have no idea what my goal or purpose is on this blog post.

8)  Maybe admitting that is ok.

9)  Eating cheetos while typing never a good option.

10)  Drinking Chai Tea and eating chocolate…always a good option.

11) Really, does anyone read this?

12)  What would they like me to write about?


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